Guaranteeing 4-10
Dev Projects In 1 Year 

Buy 50 Monthly Leads

Managing development projects is hard; getting cold leads to respond is also hard. Well, for a limited time, we can guarantee your agency a steady stream of projects with our Epic Lead Nurturing Program!


How It Works

  1. We find [High Intent] leads by sponsoring events and pushing prospects through our lead generation filters.

  2. You buy rights to 50 new leads each month; then we nurture and convert the leads into design clients.

  3. We introduce the new design clients to you during the design process. Then, it’s your deal to win or lose.


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If you qualify, we’ll send you 10 free [high intent] leads so you can test out our lead generation capabilities.

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why us?

  • We introduce you to clients who have been prepped with budgets, primed with world class designs, and who are itching to get their project off the ground.

  • You’ve got development skills; we’re a design team who gets people to respond to emails. Let’s team up.

  • We [Guarantee] a $3.00 return on every dollar you spend with us. Boom!


Quick Questions

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Q: What if I want the Design work toO?!

A: “No problem, we’ll tweak our process for you so you can earn the additional design revenue as well.”

Q: What size budgets can we expect from these projects?

A: “Our projects will never be under $10,000, which is why we can guarantee a positive return on advertisement spend. However, the projects we hand over typically average from $20,000 - $50,000 ”.

Q: How long After starting the program will my Agency land a project?

A: “It depends on your agency’s ability to close deals and it depends on its ability to engage clients with your website. Regardless, it will take 1-2 months to build a solid pipeline of business before deals start rolling in on a consistent basis. That’s when you don’t have to think about marketing anymore.”

Q: how much does the 50 Montly Lead program cost?

A: $2,499/MONTH


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