Warm Lead Introduction Add-On

Warm Lead Introduction Add-On


Lead nurturing and relationship management is hard. There are a thousand reasons why a lead may never respond back to your emails, such as:

  1. Poor DKIM & SPF Alignment

  2. Bad Subject Headers

  3. Spammy & Flagged Email Content

  4. Bad website, branding and communication skills

  5. Strict Inbox settings by the user

24 Hour Designs is willing to help you get the introduction you need, by providing you with a warm email introduction. This option works best for you for the following reasons:

  1. 24 Hour Designs is registered as a top-tier website with almost 96% email deliverability.

  2. 24 Hour Designs is a recognizable design brand.

  3. 24 Hour Designs most likely services the lead you purchased.

  4. 24 Hour Designs has above industry average open rates (50%) and click-through rates (9%), compared to 20% open rates and 2% click-through rates

  5. Ultimately, 24 Hour Designs cares about your success.

Have additional questions? Send us an email: jay@24hour.design.

**Disclaimer: Please do your research before making any purchasing decisions. All sales are final.

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