Monthly Lead Nurturing & CRM

Monthly Lead Nurturing & CRM

499.99 every month


Sometimes new leads aren’t ready to convert and become a paying client immediately. It often time takes nurturing over many months, especially as costs are higher. While not ever person is a VC-funded startup, it’s imperative to understand that some clients are bootstrapping. 24 Hour Designs is an industry leading email marketing with an incredible 50% open rate, and 9% click-through rate average. Not to mention a 96% email delivery rate! Let us take this knowledge and apply it to your mailing list. While we can’t guarantee 100% conversions (ideal), but we do have some pretty decent marketing skills.

Here’s what our lead-nurturing & CRM package includes:

  1. 4 monthly (1x weekly) email campaigns.

  2. Custom email content design

  3. In-app Campaign Reporting (DevMarket App)

Ultimately, it is up to your team to negotiate and close deals with your clients, but we’re happy to do the crappy and boring email work on your behalf!

**Disclaimer: Please do your research before making any purchasing decisions. All sales are final.