10 HIGH-INTENT, Exclusive Leads Per Month

10 HIGH-INTENT, Exclusive Leads Per Month

499.99 every month

Here is your cost for producing 10 local leads for your agency. 


10 EXCLUSIVE & Nurtured Leads = $499.99 USD


  1. We (24 Hour Designs) go out and find these leads through Startup friendly, in-person events. 

  2. We build an exclusive list of leads specifically for you in our system.

  3. We nurture & convert these leads through Startup targeted emails, offers and discounts. You do not get access to these leads, until we convert them.

  4. Once the lead has finished their design, we make a personal introduction to your firm. 


  1. These leads are 100% Guaranteed

  2. We don’t take a cut from our partners, we just want to handle the UI/UX design. 

  3. Exclusive leads are never shared with any other developer. EVER.

  4. Shared leads are capped-lists of partners, max 5-10.

  5. We negotiate on your behalf to get the best rate from our clients. We never ask our partners to bid downwards. 

  6. Leads who have designed are 300% more likely to convert than cold leads. 

  7. We help our clients to create their initial PRD, Prototype, saving you hundreds of hours. 

  8. If you do not get leads, we can help you increase your chances through consulting services.

We never put pressure on our partners to do business with us. Take as much time as you need. I am happy to jump on a call to discuss in more detail when you are ready.