Buy Individual Leads

Buy Individual Leads


Stop buying leads, start investing in your future.

We’re now offering you the ability to buy project leads on an individual basis.

COST: 1 New Project Lead = $39.99 Per Month


  1. We’ll send you a new lead that has created a free project space with 24 Hour Designs.

  2. Lead Data:

    1. First name

    2. Last name

    3. Email Address

    4. Phone Number

    5. Project Documentation

    6. Project Space

  3. You will be responsible for managing and nurturing this lead


  1. These leads are 100% real

  2. A lead is not a DEVELOPMENT PROJECT. It is someone who is interested in purchasing design or development.

  3. Typically it takes 3-4 months to find a new client.

  4. If you do not get leads, we can help you increase your chances through consulting services.

  5. All sales are final.

We never put pressure on our partners to do business with us. Take as much time as you need. I am happy to jump on a call to discuss in more detail when you are ready. 

**Disclaimer: Please do your research before making any purchasing decisions. There are no refunds for current paid month.

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