DevMarket Project Leads

DevMarket Project Leads

1,999.99 every month

Here is your cost for producing development leads for your agency. 


Monthly [Project] Leads = $1,999.99 Monthly USD


  1. We will find you new project leads with a 1-to-1 portfolio value of $1,999.99

  2. You will have the contact information of these leads exposed to you for contact.

  3. You will work to close any deal, exclusively between your firm and the client.

  4. If any lead is not of [value], then you’ll be able to re-sell these leads to the marketplace, in exchange for funds.


  1. These leads are 100% real

  2. A lead is not a DEVELOPMENT PROJECT. It is someone who is interested in purchasing design or development.

  3. We are not responsible for any closing tactics utilized by the developer.


  1. Earning Potential is pre-calculated estimate of a project’s “future potential” value, not a direct-indicator of what a client can and will spend with you.

  2. Pricing represents the [actual] cost to acquire this lead, based upon pre-calculated methods. This number will range between 5% - 10% of the “earning potential” depending upon the amount of money a client has previously invested into their project.

  3. Intent is a representation of how badly a lead needs design or development services. Low, Medium and High intent are all representations of “readiness”, show through specific actions taken within a particular project space.

  4. Refunds are non-negotiable. All sales are final on the platform. Please analyze and estimate if acquiring a project space is the right decision for you or your organization.

  5. Community guidelines are non negotiable. We expect quality relationships between our development partners and clients. If potential clients ever file complaints against you or your firm, you will be removed without hesitation.

  6. Client progression is not consistent between all project spaces. Some clients need design, some have already been designed, some need development or more.

  7. Project value has the ability to increase, based upon investment and intent. The longer you hold onto a project opportunity, the higher the chances that you could sell back to the market for a profit.

  8. Project re-listing can occur if you find that a client isn’t interested in doing business with you. Once available, you’ll have the ability to re-sell leads on the market.

  9. Re-listing limits are capped at 3x. For the sake of privacy and respect to our clients, leads cannot be re-listed more than 3x before being removed from the market.

  10. Lead expiration can occur if a lead is on the market for more than 6 months, intent simply goes away. If this happens, we will remove the project from the market, unless required by a development firm in advance to the 6 month mark.

We never put pressure on our partners to do business with us. Take as much time as you need. I am happy to jump on a call to discuss in more detail when you are ready.  **Disclaimer: Please do your research before making any purchasing decisions. There are no refunds for current paid month. You must cancel prior to your subscription is billed.