Never Lose Money Again: Episode #1 - "Living With Risk"


What if we told you that every dollar you invest can be protected, in the case that your investment strategy doesn’t go as planned? Sounds crazy right? It’s true!

After months of extensive testing with new features and strategies, we now have the proper tools in place to help you grow your digital agency [risk free], while also protecting your exposure from risk. See for yourself.

How did we do it? The solution didn’t come to us overnight, and isn’t something that is easily replicable. The truth is that someone [must] be exposed to risk, and in this case, it is us [24 Hour Designs].

Are you interested in learning more? If so, please sign-up for our private-beta, which will be launching within the next few days. Our new platform is free to join and spots are limited, so don’t hesitate to see what we’re offering!

Also, we’re creating a new series of blog posts called “Never Lose Money Again”, an introduction into our new tool that we call “DevMarket”, a prospect market that enables firms to buy & sell development leads, regardless of their level of intent. Think of it as an Upwork with a stock-market aspect to it.

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Photo credit - Meeta Sadwhani

Photo credit - Meeta Sadwhani

Episode #1 - Living with Risk

While we can guarantee you a new way to buy leads for your business without losing money, we cannot guarantee that your business is capable of landing million-dollar deals. This blog post is dedicated to giving you hints & tips that separate the best agencies from the worst.

In this first episode, we’re going to talk about how we get potential design & development prospects into the “sales funnel” with a myriad of offerings that will nurture them in a way that organically pushes them “down the funnel’ and into your hands, the developer.

We all know that consumers love free offerings, an easy way to get people in the door, but after this how does one translate this into purchases and new business? What makes matters worse is that in this stage it is hard to delineate prospects that [mean business] versus those who will ultimately waste your time.

Being a service provider is one of the hardest types of businesses, mainly because clients typically are always difficult, regardless of budget size. Once you’re doing business with them, soon the “asks” will come. Your clients will ask for freebies, time-spent, or simply not understand how difficult the work is. It’s human nature to “ask for what you desire”.

This lifestyle is certainly something that drives most agencies up-the-wall, but if you can look past this you’ll realize that there are common mistakes that most agencies make, especially in the early years of business. We’ve compiled a small, but powerful list of factors that typically separate the best agencies from the 90% that close within 5 years.


5 Tips To Achieve Success

  1. Do Grunt Work - We all want the high-paying projects, but some of the wealthiest and most successful dev shops do the unwanted projects. If one client isn’t willing to say good things about your work, how will you manage to get hundreds?

  2. Get Video Testimonials - People simply don’t believe written testimonials anymore. They are too easy to fabricate. When potential clients go to your website, they want to see [real people] talking about [real experiences] with your firm.

  3. Experience Teaches Best - There are no shortcuts to success. Sometimes your clients will even test your knowledge as an expert. You don’t need to know everything, but you need to know enough to make your client feel confident that you’re the one-in-charge!

  4. Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder - No one cares about your code-base. No one goes to Github or Bitbucket. Build a beautiful portfolio, show it off, flaunt it like a peacock. Let your work do the talking for you, then get out of it’s way!

  5. Negotiate Better - Getting your client to sign into a $50,000 contract versus getting them to sign a $10,000.00 contract, with deliverables equidistant to that of a $50,000.00 contract is much harder. Additionally, $10k is much smaller than $50k. Even if the projects costs $50,000 [total], don’t freak them out. Tell them exactly what work will be done within milestones, making it easier to understand why and how they need to pay you.

Does this list cover everything? No. The point is to keep it short. We’ll have much more tips for you to read over the coming weeks, but hopefully this is enough feedback for you to start you off right this summer.

Don’t forget to sign-up for the DevMarket private-beta. We guarantee that you’ll never lose money again with our prospect market. Find the best design and development leads today, get started for free.

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