Developer Ready Designs

Developer Ready Designs

999.99 every month for 12 months


The most cost-effective way for a development team to build your app is to know what they're building. Development costs are high, and it is impossible for an engineering team to quote you a decent price without knowing how the product works in advance. Written in a developer-friendly way, the product workflow diagram and design overview documentation help your team better understand what they are building and how they should approach it. Capability, feasibility, and efficiency are three vital terms in the product development world. This package ensures all three.


  • Pay in installments of 3,6 or 12 months

  • Max 30 high-fidelity screens (free)

  • One Proposal, Three Revisions

  • Dedicated InvisionApp Project Space

  • Dedicated Realtimeboard Project Space

  • Free invitation to our private Slack Channel (all team members).

  • Polished in-device presentation (upon completion & delivery)

  • Fully Animated, Clickable App Prototype (max 10 views)

  • Easy-to-share Design clips in .Gif or .Mp4

  • .Zip design export file (upon completion & delivery)

  • $129 per screen (after 30 views)

  • $25 per view revision (after all revisions)

  • Own 100% of all design assets upon payment completion

Disclaimer: Communication and accessibility can affect a project's completion date differently than other projects.

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