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Project Title - LinkedSports

Package Type: 48-Hour animated prototype

Completion Time: 24hrs:03min:14sec

Difficulty: Medium


LinkedSports is a hybrid Linkedin Esports concept that aims to connect professionals in the Esports space similar to how Linkedin performs. Being one of the latest projects that we've completed this one in particular was a challenging yet fun initiative. Once we were able to decide on a direction the rest of the design work was easy!



Project Title - Heyoo

Package Type: 72-Hour Developer-Ready (Custom)

Completion Time: 54hrs:12min:34sec

Difficulty: Very Hard


Heyoo is a social calendar app that connects and simplifies communication in large enterprise businesses, schools, and sports organizations! This particular project required a lot of custom views, user research, information architecture, site-mapping and user flows. Due to the sheer amount of work and research this project took about 54 hours to complete, leaving us 18 hours left on the clock for client relationship development and tutorials! 

Here is the site


Project Title - Transplant Social

Package Type:  48-Hour Animated-Prototype

Completion Time: 33hrs:10min:19sec

Difficulty: hard


Transplant Social is a social networking application that connects expatriates and "domestic transplants" through the experiences of one another. Whenever an expat creates an experience, this allows newer users on the platform to discover the available opportunities within reach. Within the 48 hour timeline, we were able to create the designs, animated prototype and deliver to the client in just 33 hours!


Project Title - Dibs Birthday app

Package Type: 24-Hour App Designs 

Completion Time: 8hrs:46min:04sec

Difficulty: easy


Dibs, the birthday crowdfunding app was a very fun experience. Our clients were very collaborative and easy to work with, allowing us to finish the initial designs, revision and final export within 8 hours. Dibs allows you to create lists that you can send to your friends that have timers built-within each campaign. This allows friends to pitch into your idea, helping you to fulfill your dream wishlist!


Watch The Dibs Birthday App Protototype



Project Title - Eden Esports App

Package Type: 72-Hour Developer-Ready

Completion Time: 45hrs:18min:04sec

Difficulty: Medium


If you know anything about Esports then you know that it is all the craze right now! Eden is an Esports app that allows a fan to follow their favorite Esports star. This was a fun app, with a lot of big plans for the world. From initial concept designs to prototype this project took 45 hours, leaving just 3 hours on the table!

Eden Esports Invision Prototype Video


Project Title - Community Attaché

Package Type:  48-Hour Animated-Prototype

Completion Time: 14hrs:18min:19sec

Difficulty: Medium


One of favorite and most recent prototypes this project was quite fun to work on for a few reasons. This app is a concierge concept offering residents within a community on-hand services at the push of a button. Need to book a flight, hotel, or restaurant reservation? This is the app for you! Only one catch, you must move to Irvine! The time it took to design this app was only 14 hours, leaving us a full 34 hours of free-time to do yoga!


Project Title - Real Estate App

Package Type: 48-Hour Prototype (Custom)

Completion Time: 10hrs:59min:32sec

Difficulty: easy


The reason that we are showing two prototypes from the same company is because the first prototype came out so fast and beautiful that we were asked to do another! The client, being one of the world's largest master planners not only develops homes but sells them. We took an opportunity to create a mobile-first focused redesign of their current real-estate website, giving a very mobile and native feel. This project took only 10 hours, partially because we knew what we wanted to do without much concept design!


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